January 9, 2011
Review of Protozoa and Human Disease

Protozoa and Human Disease

Mark Wiser’s text “Protozoa and Human Disease” is a well crafted and easy to read introduction to infectious protozooa. Dr. Wiser covers all of the classical parasitological topics in a high-yield format and expertly connects the basic sciences with clinical and public health interventions. In addition (and more importantly), he has fully integratedthe latest modern parasitological topics into this traditional framework. The text includes sectionson molecular epidemiology, parasite genetics, and immunoparasitology. Each chapter follows the same basic layout (akin to the WHO Control of Communicable Diseases Manual) organized along a taxonomic scheme. The book is a bit pricey for a trichrome paperback (black and white with blue). But, to its credit, it sets a new standard. 

"Protozoa and Human Disease" represents the latest text from the faculty of tropical medicine at the Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine. The school has a venerable history of crafting the some of the finest texts on parasitology beginning in the 1930’s with Faust’s Human Helminthology. If one was interested in the traditional paring of a textbook with an atlas then I would fully recommend the indispensable Atlas of Human Parasitology

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